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Burger King Promote Political Violence In UK

Burger King – which has an historically poor marketing performance amongst millennials – is seemingly trying to do something about it by targeting political figures unpopular with said demographic.

It was always coming. With the dovetailing of corporate social responsibility and social justice causes (i.e. “getting woke”), big global businesses are now moving into the territory of actively encouraging political violence towards conservatives.

Fast food establishments in Scotland were asked to not serve milkshakes or ice creams during the campaign visit of Nigel Farage. The left has been openly organizing the splatter of shakes against their political adversaries for weeks, since it started happening to Tommy Robinson.

“We will not be selling milkshakes or ice creams tonight. This is due to a police request given recent events,” says a sign in the window of a local McDonald’s. But Burger King has different ideas:

Dear people of Scotland.

We’re selling milkshakes all weekend.

Have fun.

Love BK

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Originally, some on the left tried to defend the comment as Burger King just “being good capitalists” and allowing customers to buy milkshakes from them rather than McDonald’s. But over a series of “likes” and “retweets” on Twitter, the fast food giant revealed it was in fact making reference to the visit of Nigel Farage. In other words, a corporate social media account is now encouraging its followers to assault – albeit with lactose products – political figures.

Conservatives and nationalists have been remarkably mild-mannered over the past few years, considering what physical and rhetorical violence is being done to them, routinely.

From social media censorship, to Russia hoaxes, to the physical attacks on Brexiteers and MAGA hat wearers; the right has more or less kept its collective cool, throughout.

But this thread will begin to wear down to its thinnest when physical assaults sponsored by the Whopper with Cheese become routine or commonplace. They’ll start doing things back. And such, political life escalates in the UK, as it has done in the United States in recent months.

More fights. More violence. More altercations. And why? Because some social media intern at Burger King thought it would be funny to tweet about milkshakes.

Some on the left have been calling me a “snowflake” for not laughing along with the BK gag. I loathe the irony of being called a snowflake by someone who might cry if I misgender them, but then they are not with a sense of irony, anyway. All they really display nowadays is hypocrisy.

When people still believed Jussie Smollett, the outcry around political violence became shrieky and deranged. When his story was debunked, the left fell silent, even as MAGA hat wearers were continuously abused in public.

Oh and what about when James Goddard called Anna Soubry a “Nazi” and the police placed a suspension order on him, meaning he couldn’t go to Westminster or her constituency to exercise his right to protest anymore, because she was “scared” of his “violent” demeanor? Yes, suddenly the left cared about the potential for political violence, then.

But now Burger King are endorsing it, it’s all fun and games again!

“Milkshakes aren’t threatening. They’re funny! They taste so good. How could this possibly lead anywhere bad in very short order?”

Well, fine. As the King says, “Have it your way”.

But don’t come crying back when those milkshakes turn into bricks, and suddenly they’re flying in all directions. Hyperbolic? Nope. It happened today. Before I could even finish this article on how milkshakes turn to bricks, milkshakes had turned to bricks.


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