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Game of Thrones:Finally over

The most recent scene of Game of Thrones conveyed what could very well be the most severe turn in the show's multi year history. In one of the tragic however most unavoidable minutes in the finale, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) wounds and kills Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) after her urgency to run the world overwhelms her.

As far back as Jon found out about his actual parentage, the show has been prodding this extreme standoff among him and Dany that at long last came in the last scene. Despite the fact that Jon tried to give Dany one final opportunity to demonstrate to him that she hadn't completely lost it when he requested that her excuse Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) however she essentially declines it saying, "We can't hole up behind little kindnesses." Soon, Jon understands that Daenerys won't stop and will simply continue butchering honest people to construct a "decent" world as she professes to realize what is great. He at that point chooses to utilize their cozy relationship as a way to put a conclusion to Dany's distraught ruler brief rule.

It was really the saddest minute, and one Game of Thrones fans will essentially never have the option to survived, as should be obvious from the tweets.

One fan stated, "I've pull for Dany for a long time only for her to be killed by Jon Snow?" Another fan stated, "that is it? daenerys targaryen bites the dust simply like that?

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