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Hungary blasts Facebook for 'censorship' of Right Wing media group Mediaworks

Hungary's government on Thursday accused Facebook of "censorship" of a Right Wing media group after it complained its advertising accounts with the social media giant had been closed down.

The group Mediaworks, which controls 90 national and regional publications across the country said on Wednesday that its publicity accounts had been shut on Facebook pages.

Major tech firms like Facebook and Twitter have been introducing new measures for stamping out conservative content and closing down individual content creators on the internet, under growing pressure from governments pushing for action.

"What has happened is unacceptable," Gergely Gulyas, advisor to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, said at a press conference in Budapest referring to Mediaworks.

"We believe freedom of press should prevail on Facebook, unlike the recent censorship."

Orban's right-wing government is frequently critical of EU institutions, despite the country being an EU member.

"Our official inquiry as for the reason of the ban resulted in no concrete reply," Mediaworks content development director Zsolt Pauska said in a statement. "In light of recent reports about Facebook's plans it is obvious that the decision of the American company is based on political and ideological reasons."

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