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Jason Momoa Trimmed His Beard

Jason Momoa fans lost their damn personalities when the Aquaman star shaved his facial hair a month ago, however it turns out he had a really valid justification for doing as such. In a video presented on YouTube, Jason told watchers his first shave since 2012 happened in light of the fact that "plastics are executing our planet" and he needed to utilize the feature making minute to point out that reality. This week, he showed up on The Ellen Show to additionally clarify his association with consummation single-use plastics—and to tell individuals his unique arrangement for shaving off his whiskers.

As it occurs, Jason needed to have Ellen shave it off on her show, however they couldn't get their timetables to arrange in the middle of his undertakings (consequently how the video in the desert became). Regardless he needed to show up on her show, however, to convey attention to the reason and to demonstrate watchers Mana Nalu.

"I simply needed to bring mindfulness," he told Ellen of shaving his whiskers. "I'm Aquaman and I have all these wonderful little children coming up to me. I need to spare the planet from single-use plastics."

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