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Javier Mendez Still Thinks only Conor McGregor can beat Khabib Nurmagomedov

In spite of the fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov subbed Conor McGregor a year ago, his striking mentor still trusts the last has the most obvious opportunity at vanquishing the champ.

The undefeated contender confronted McGregor last October at UFC 229, and the same number of expected would be the situation, his vaunted wrestling and top game governed the day. Despite the fact that McGregor handled a lot of strikes (the last count was 208 to 192 for Khabib), Nurmagomedov controlled a significant part of the activity before tapping the star out in cycle four.

All things considered, as of late Khabib's long-lasting mentor, Javier Mendez, was asked to by Sports Daily.ru to separate who he supposes represents the greatest danger to the champ. Here's supposedly what the AKA mentor needed to state (quote by means of MMA News):

"Discussing four potential opponents for Khabib I can give my evaluation from the [least] risky to the most perilous. Max Holloway [would] be the most straightforward for Khabib. Max has great boxing yet it does not have the ability to the lightweight division. Following up is Dustin Poirier. He has stamina and flexibility. Tony Ferguson is my second decision. His elbows are hazardous. Lastly [the] number one contender for me is still Conor. His boxing is extraordinary, that is his opportunity."

What about that? Presently, Mendez has reliably loaded applause on the striking capacities of McGregor, in this way, thus, perhaps these remarks won't amaze a few eyewitnesses. Be that as it may, it's feasible safe to state that most people would choose Ferguson from that rundown, regarding who represents the hardest test for Khabib.

Not exclusively is Ferguson is a strong wrestler, he additionally has an absurdly risky gatekeeper. Along these lines, the agreement is that Ferguson could represent some threat to Khabib on the ground, which each battle with the last goes. Further, we've just observed McGregor was to a great extent unfit to counter Khabib's hooking apparatuses.

Apparently, nonetheless, we're going to really observe whether Poirier can end Khabib's rule straightaway.

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