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Narendra Modi - The Democratically Elected Emperor Of India

The Right Wing Nationalist Prime Minister Comes again to power In a Landslide Victory - Verdict 2019 indicates BJP (303 seats, 37.6% vote share) not only managed to retain its support base versus that of  2014, but also expanded geographically and socially. The modi wave has struck each and every corner of the country as the right wing populist comes ito power.

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) which includes BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party) has won in 353 seats and has a majority of 2/3 in the parliament which makes him the most powerful leader that India have ever seen.Not even the first prime minister of the nation Jawaharlal Nehru had such a sole authority on his party or in the government.

The Local parties which were based on the caste and religion has been destroyed in the election and the Liberal dynasty party Congress has been only able to collect 54 seats while the leader and future Prime Minister Candidate Rahul Gandhi has lost in one of the constituency that he contested in.

Last time the congress party was only able to gather 44 seats in lower house of the parliament where as the Modi has a majority in both the upper house as well as the lower house. With the support of the largest hindu organisation RSS which has very strong influence among the hindu Nationalist in the country makes him an Emperor of the state.

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