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shazam dvd will be out soon

If you holler “Shazam!” starting on July 2nd, you’ll be treated to copy of the popular DC flick starring Zachary Levi. OK, OK, perhaps a click or two on Amazon will also be required. The point is, Shazam is about to hit DVD, Blu-ray and Digital and should be the perfect summer treat for your family, particularly if your school kids are home and sitting on their laurels.

As has become more common of late, Shazam!’s Digital release will be coming earlier than the physical copies of the DC movie. Digital will be out on July 2nd, followed by the DVD and Blu-ray releases on July 16. The good news? You can pre-order your copy now.

The movie is also hitting 4K, which is great news for fans of the format. Those copies will also have Dolby Vision HDR.

All of the hard copies of the flick will come with the same special features. There’s a motion comic that will be included, although the deleted scenes should be the most delightful extra here.

Previously, we learned there were 20-24 minutes of deleted scenes that were cut from the film. CinemaBlend spoke with editor Michel Aller, who noted the lengthy amount of deleted footage before giving us a tidbit about what we could see with the set:

One of the scenes that regretfully we had to pull out was a scene between young Billy and Mary, when he’s about to sneak out. It’s just a really touching scene, but it came so early in the movie, and we were trying to get to get to the Shazam character, that we couldn’t put everything that we liked at the front of the movie. So that was one scene that we pulled out. I’m glad there are DVDs out there so we can show these great scenes.

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