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The official Old Town Road video OUT

Viral, sort opposing "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X, and including Billy Ray Cyrus, presently has an official motion picture. Not a music video, yet a motion picture. It's film, infant.

The film begins with Lil Nas X and Cyrus in the Wild West around 1889, hanging out after their most recent fruitful bank theft. When they're pursued off by a gunslinging cattle rustler, Lil Nas X jumps into a wormhole — and arrives in 2019. He meanders the new old town street with his steed, staggering through cutting edge lanes. Chris Rock is additionally there. So is Detective Pikachu co-star Diplo. Billy Ray wears sparkly pink rancher clothing. They end up in a bingo corridor with a Western subject. It's astonishing.

The five-minute-long Western is just as class opposing and epic as the adventure of the tune it depends on.

Lil Nas X transferred the primary music video for "Old Town Road" to YouTube in December 2018, setting the melody to clasps of his character from Red Dead Online. In 2019, the melody crawled onto TikTok, and exploded as an image. The standard riff included moving to the tune, at that point exchanging into cattle rustler clothing once the bass dropped, however there were a lot of disruptions to come.

With this raid into film, "Old Town Road" has done everything, having been a computer game music video, a TikTok image, a graph topper, and a music industry disrupter. It's generated images over every single informal community, has roused different specialists to take a stab at some Yeehaw music, and now favors us with Billy Ray Cyrus in a pink cowpoke suit.

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