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Batista amusingly reacts to CM Punk's audit of his up and coming film

As revealed a week ago, CM Punk applauded Batista's up and coming film 'Stuber' by pronouncing that it was silly and advising everybody to go see it. Batista took to Twitter to amusingly react to his survey.

Dave Bautista (Batista) ought to be large and in charge at the present time. He finished his profession at WrestleMania 35, with his last rival being Triple H. He has become well known in Hollywood with supporting jobs in Marvel's Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade Runner: 2049 and the James Bond film Specter. Life couldn't be better!

While Batista has made noteworthy walks in Hollywood like The Rock and John Cena, CM Punk has additionally brought walks into building up an acting vocation for himself. He as of late made his element film debut as a main man in the film Girl on the Third Floor. Commentators applauded his exhibition and that 'he's an enthusiastic and magnetic entertainer.' This unquestionably enjoys a decent begin for the previous WWE Superstar.

Batista via twitter:I was trying not to laugh because I thought you would think I was self centered! #EpicFail .. this whole time I’ve been worried you thought I turned into a self centered douche bag because I was laughing so hard at my own novie!... Stuber is just so damn funny! #stuber

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