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It's Official X-Men Dark Phoenix the Worst X-Men Movie ever Made

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX has had a poor start at the box office, and analysts expect it could cost the studio a LOT of money.The concluding chapter in the current X-Men saga was released to poor reviews last week.Deadline reports that it could stand to lose between $100-120 million.

CinemaScore rating from audiences is B-, the signs are that word-of-mouth won’t be particularly kind to the movie.Days of Future Past opened to $262.9 million, Logan to $247.4 million and Apocalypse to $166.6 million, where Dark Pheonix collected only $140 million.

With a Budget of $200 million it was only able to collect $146 million so far ,and including the promotion and distribution fees the budget will go upto $350 million and the film may lose more than $150 million for now ,If MIB don't perform so well.

If the next releases performs well then that lose may go very high.The movie tried to be politically correct from the start with scenes and dialogues like "X-men should be changed to X-women" .Anyway this will force disney to do a clean reboot of the x-men franchise.

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