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Trump may be using the Same tactics that he used on North Korea with Iran

President Trump has been very aggressive from the start on Iran and North Korea ,the Intellectuals and think tanks were convinced that Trump would go to war with North Korea but he didn't ,he somehow changed the table upside down adn they ended up having Peace Talks.

I think the same kind of situation is going on with Iran as he started very aggressively on Iran and then he went to give the order on attacking Iran but he later stoped that War

“Their country(Iran) is not doing well economically at all. That could be changed very quickly, very easily,” Trump said. “But they have to get rid of the hostility from the leadership. The leadership – I hope they stay, I hope they do a great job - but they should talk to us peaceably.”

This shows that now trump is calling for peace talks with Iran on his own terms rather than on Iran's.and Trump's National Security Advisor is also with him on that.

"The president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiably eliminate Iran’s nuclear weapons programme, its pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems, its support for international terrorism and other malign behaviour worldwide,” Bolton said in Jerusalem. “All that Iran needs to do is to walk through that open door.”

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