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Independency Day Parade will showcase tanks - President Trump

At President Trump "Salute to America" on Thursday, Mr Trump will address the nation from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC amid a military parade.

Big 4th of July in D.C. “Salute to America.” The Pentagon & our great Military Leaders are thrilled to be doing this & showing to the American people, among other things, the strongest and most advanced Military anywhere in the World. Incredible Flyovers & biggest ever Fireworks!

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"We're going to have planes going overhead - the best fighter jets in the world and other planes too,"  president told reporters at the White House on Monday.

"And we're going to have some tanks stationed outside."

He said the event will "be like no other, it'll be special".

The Democratic-controlled council specified that "no tanks" should be used in order to "avoid damage to local infrastructure".

Ptresident Trump has ordered a flyover by the Navy's Blue Angels and the presidential jet Air Force One - Washington Post reported.

He also wants the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines standing next to him during the display - New York Times reported.

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