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Never again wrong finish of quickest UFC knockout record, Jonathan Goulet has guidance for Ben Askren

In a reasonable world, Jonathan Goulet would be best associated with his presentation at UFC 83.

Goulet was in the opening match of a standout amongst the most important nights in blended hand to hand fighting history, the UFC's introduction at Bell Center in Montreal, the first UFC occasion at any point held in Canada.

The line outside the structure reached out for squares hours before the April 19, 2008 card started. In contrast to today, when you're probably going to see early prelims unfurl in close void fields, a solid level of the declared horde of 21,390 were in their seats and started up when the show began.

At that point Quebec local Goulet and Kuniyoshi Hironaka put on an astonishing show in the welterweight opener. Hironaka about completed Goulet in the first round, with Goulet being spared by the horn. At that point the TriStar contender mobilized in the second and completed Hironaka by means of TKO to an ear-part response from the group.

"That was a night I'll always remember," Goulet disclosed to MMA Junkie. "I was too apprehensive to even consider thinking about battling at Bell Center and every one of the general population there before the battle, however after the battle, watching out at the fans on my way to the back, that is the point at which I understood what a major triumph this was."

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Duane Ludwig cheerful that 'commendable' Jorge Masvidal broke quickest UFC knockout record

On a night that finished with colleague Georges St-Pierre crushing Matt Serra to recapture the welterweight crown, it was Goulet who brought home "Battle of the Night" respects and turned into an interminable incidental data note as the champ of Canada's first-ever UFC session.

Be that as it may, this isn't generally a reasonable world. What's more, until Saturday night, Goulet was a piece of another incidental data note: For as far back as 13 or more years, Goulet had been the man on the off-base finish of the quickest knockout in UFC history, his six-second misfortune to Duane Ludwig.

Just on Saturday did Goulet's name get deleted from the record book after Jorge Masvidal required only five seconds to stop Ben Askren at UFC 239.

Also, Goulet dealt with the minute with geniality, posting on Instagram: "I was hanging tight for that minute since 2006 hahaha."

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