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Spider-Man: Far From Home' To Past $700 Million

Sony's Spider-Man: Far From Home earned another $9.21 million on Wednesday, dropping 67% from last Wednesday and 39% from its $15.5 million Tuesday gross. That brings its nine-day domestic cume to $220.285 million and positions it to enter it second weekend with around $229 million in North America. Not to be a jerk, but, yeah, it'll pass Justice League ($226 million) sometime today.
For what it's worth, it had a better second Wednesday hold than Transformers (-76% for a $7 million daily gross) and The Amazing Spider-Man (-72% for a $6.5 million day nine). As long as it's leggier than those two July 4th weekend Tuesday openers, it has a shot at a $400 million domestic figure. Once it gets past $373 million, presuming it does so, it'll pass the unadjusted gross of Spider-Man 2 (in 2004) to become the biggest of three "Spider Man 2" movies since 2004.
It'll pass Doctor Strange ($232 million), X-Men: Days of Future Past ($234 million) and X-Men: The Last Stand ($235 million) on Friday. As it aims for an over/under $52 million weekend and tries to end the frame with $280 million, it'll (presumably) whiz by Batman ($251 million), Men in Black ($251 million), Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($259 million), The Incredibles ($261 million) and The Amazing Spider-Man ($262 million) in its second weekend.
Next on the list of (sans inflation) superhero movies will be Man of Steel ($291 million) and Iron Man 2 ($312 million) as it tries to crack the $300 million mark before The Lion King even opens. But it's really kicking butt overseas. The film earned had $392 million overseas as of Sunday, including $166 million in China alone. Presuming it has maintained that 32/68 domestic/overseas split, it should be at around $687 million worldwide as of yesterday, meaning it's going to top $700 million worldwide today.
At this point, Peter Parker either gets pummeled by the one-two-three punch of The Lion King, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and Hobbs & Shaw or all four very different "event movies" thrive concurrently and run the tables between now and It: Chapter 2 just after Labor Day.

Presuming a $710 million cume by tonight, it'll be right between Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($709 million) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($714 million) as it continues to attempt to be the first Spider-Man movie to top $900 million and (presumably at this juncture) $1 billion. If, and this is a big "if," Far From Home continues to earn triple its domestic figure overseas, a $280 million 14-day domestic cume could give Spider-Man 2 version 3 a $875 million global cume by Sunday night.

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